What I Learned About Business While On Vacation In Jamaica

What I Learned About Business While On Vacation In Jamaica

Travelling can be fun, stressful, and insightful all at the same time. After my trip to Jamaica, I realized my experiences were so relatable to business. Here are a few things I learned during that trip…

1: Don’t get directions from someone who has never been where you want to go.

This relates to advisors and anyone who will hear what you are working on and want to give you advice on what you need to do to get there. Now, granted, the experience isn’t a requirement for success, but it sure helps a lot.

Think about it this way…if I’m trying to grow an e-commerce company and sell it, I would much rather get advice from the guy who has already grown and sold 3 e-commerce companies versus the guy who has never sold anything, doesn’t know what investors look for or have any connections to buyers.

2: You may get lost and find hidden gems along the way.

We were trying to find a popular tourist destination and, even though I’m from Jamaica, we still needed direction to get there.  Long story short, the directions we received weren’t that great and we didn’t find the place we were looking for, but we ended up finding a secret place that was wayyy better.

Always be willing to learn and take feedback from customers. Interact closely with your customers, you might find a huge opportunity that you have been overlooking the whole time.

Do you know the story of YouTube?

The original idea was for it to be an online dating website. Users would be able to upload videos of them introducing themselves and saying what they were interested in, but the idea didn’t take off and the co-founders soon pivoted YouTube to become a more general video sharing site after realizing that there was a better use for its technology.

Major Key: They found a hidden gem in this move and about 1 year later they got acquired by google for $1.65 Billion dollars.

3: Sometimes, THEIR problem is also YOUR problem.

I had a dope activity planned out to visit the Appleton Rum factory. I did all the research, got referrals to private tour companies so we didn’t have to wait in long lines and could have VIP service to and from the Appleton rum tour.

The day of our tour came, and no one picked us up. No one! Come to find out, the manager incorrectly scheduled us for the wrong date. I did everything I needed to do but someone else made a mistake and now this also became our problem because we were stranded.

I had to take matters into my own hand by contacting someone else in the resort that scheduled a tour that day and I was able to join their tour so we didn’t miss out. Some things you can plan for, while others are out of your control. Learn to pivot and pivot quickly.

Another story…

In 2017, I started a marketing consulting company that helped small businesses get a lot more of their targeted customers. In one Month we got our 11 clients 2,500 customer referrals. These are people who have expressed that they want to book an appointment or get in contact with the service provider.

We set things up to give the clients a strong lead including their name, number, and email so that they could get in contact with them. This often results in great ROI (return on investment).

We thought our job stopped there. After all, we handed them an alley oop! But later, we realized that not everyone knew how to make those calls to close the deal, so that resulted in a whole lot of missed alley-oop opportunities.

After a while, one of those clients started blaming us for the “bad referrals” we were giving them. This client, in particular, received 61 leads in 10 days. Each customer was worth around $400 dollars to them, totaling about $24k in potential revenue. But in those 10 days, only 1 referral booked an appointment.

We realized it wasn’t the quality of the referrals we were giving them, not the quantity.

After getting on the phone with the owners and their front desk person, we found out that the front desk girl was so afraid to pick up the phone and call the potential customer that she never did it. Instead, she emailed them 2 days later asking them what time they wanted to come in.

The owner was so embarrassed… so once again, their problem became ours.

Hopefully, these lessons will help you enjoy a great vacation in the near future, but most importantly help you find more success in your business.

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