How To Hit Your Business Goals: Action vs. Motion

How To Hit Your Business Goals: Action vs. Motion

The start of the year is filled with everyone trying to hit big goals and achievements.  As I’m scrolling through my timeline, I notice a lot of people have goals around starting or growing a business.

Well, after spending last year helping almost 100 people start and grow profitable online businesses, I learned a lot. I had over a dozen people that created an extra six-figures from working with me.  Some as high as an extra $50,000 per month…that’s $600,000 a year!

The main difference in what happened with those people who found “ok success” versus those that found “tremendous success” is the difference between action and motion. Let me explain this in more detail so you can hit your business goals this year.

This is best explained through a story about a professor at the University of Florida who taught a photography class.

At the beginning of the semester, he divided the class into two groups.  One half of the class he said, “…you guys are going to be graded based on numbers. Just submit 100 photos and if you turn in at least 90 photos you’ll get an A. You get a “B” for 80 photos, so on and so forth.”

The other half of the class was instructed to you submit their best photo and they were going to be graded only on their perfect photo. They had the entire semester to create and submit their best photo at the end of the class.

Do you know what happened? The people who were instructed to submit 100 photos ended up being much better photographers and actually submitted much better photos.

That’s because they were focused on “ACTION” oriented items. They were busy learning through their experiences by taking crappy photos, developing the photos and learning from mistakes.

The group of students who were instructed to submit one perfect photo was focused on motion activities; coming up with the right idea, the right scheme, which model to use, how they should probably do the settings on the camera.  They never learned by taking action. It was all in their head.

All too often, I see people making that same mistake in business. Don’t get so caught up in trying to start the perfect business or hit certain business goals before actually getting the idea off your notebook.

Some examples of MOTION activities are:

  • trying to come up with the perfect name

  • trying to come up with the perfect idea

  • what your brand colors should be

  • great website design

  • photoshoots

  • waiting to put out that social media video until you have a professional camera

  • business card design

Those are completely the wrong things to focus on!

  1. Your business will evolve after getting customer feedback so your name and idea might be irrelevant.
  2. You can change colors or name at any time down the line.
  3. Use website templates from Shopify or Clickfunnels to start.
  4. Use your smartphone to take your videos and photos in the beginning, most people won’t be able to tell the difference (especially with using portrait mode)

Focus on action-oriented items because you’re only going to learn by actually taking the 100 crappy photos.

To speed up that learning process of figuring out what things to avoid and what things to focus on, you should get an experienced coach or mentor that can give them a roadmap to ONLY focus on ACTION-oriented items. These are the things that are going to actually help you become better by doing.

Some examples of ACTION activities are:

  • Actually figuring out what problem you want to solve

  • Going out into the world and talking to customers to figure out how you’re going to do that.

  • Interviewing customers to improve on your product or service

  • Building a community of potential customers

  • Learning a skill that will help you sell more (like Instagram or Facebook advertising)

  • Doing revenue generating activities (posting on social media, having strategy sessions with prospective customers, selling your product or service)

  • Reading business books

That’s the best way to accomplish your business goals and to get better at things. That’s really going to help you take your company from zero to six figures very fast. Taking ACTION is the only way to learn.

Hopefully, this helps you hit your goals this year.

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